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Concrete Drilling

  • Capable of drilling vertically or horizontally

  • From 1 inch diameter to 36 inch diameter holes

  • Inquire about non-standard sizes

Concrete Sawing

  • Slab Sawing of Concrete and Asphalt

    • Clean Air Saws

    • Electric Saws

    • Hydraulic Saws

  • Wall Sawing

    • Up to 27 inches deep

    • Hand Sawing

    • Wire Sawing of any depth of concrete

Selective Demolition

  • Interior gutting including sheet rock, ceilings, fixtures

  • Carpet and flooring removal utilizing hand scrapers and machine removal

  • Mezzanine/stair removal

  • Selective exterior removal including canopies, roof top units, signage, etc

Power Breaking

  • Concrete Power Breaking

  • Machine breaking and digging

  • Utilization of mini-excavators and bobcat

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